Vita Technology Private Limited began in 1978 as Vita Pumps Private Limited, initially producing monobloc pumps mainly for agricultural applications. While the quality of pumps was recognised in the market, the company discontinued manufacturing pumps due to marketing problems. The name was changed to Vita Technology in 1996, since pump manufacturing was no longer its activity.

Vita started manufacturing water duty hydraulic cylinders, for tyre curing presses from 1983 onwards. In 1988, Vita started valve development with the financial assistance of the Technology Development & Information Corporation of India (TDICI) Ltd..

Vita Technology main building
Our main building has over 15000 ft² / 1400 m² of floor space.

In 2000, from its rented factory floor space occupied from its beginning, Vita moved to its present location, which is wholly owned by Vita and has over 15000 square feet / 1400 square meters of floor space in the building.


Vita has four main product lines. The first is the valve product line used mainly in tyre manufacturing machinery. The second includes water duty hydraulic and air cylinders also used in the tyre industry. The third product line comprises several special components used in the aviation industry. Finally, Vita develops and sells software applications for electromagnetic design of brushless DC motors.

Machining for valve components is done mainly with CNC machines. Machining for the cylinder products is undertaken mainly with centre lathes. In-house facilities are available for all the required machining operations such as milling, drilling, etc..

The current production facilities include 9 CNC turning machines, 3 machining centers, a number of lathes, milling, drilling machines, and other related equipment. A large number of our valves are investment castings, where the dies are designed and manufactured in-house. Some operations such as certain special grinding and honing, as well as all electroplating requirements are sub-contracted.

Building interior
We are currently expanding our facilities.

Adequate facilities are available for checking incoming materials, inspection, and testing. We are quality-driven and are continuously improving our products and manufacturing processes. Our procedures include 100% pressure testing on all valves and cylinders to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Vita has quality control facilities including an optical projector and a temperature controlled standards room. Vita has seal and spring testing units with hydraulics and load cells to ensure quality. All valves and cylinders are 100% pressure tested in separate testing facilities, using water as the pressure medium, with air-driven hydraulic pumps. The valve testing equipment includes a set-up that simulates the conditions required for pressure regulating valves (shaping valve).

CNC turning machine

CNC multi-tool

Traceability is maintained, and QA and test certificates are provided for all our valves and cylinders. Incoming material are procured from reputed sources and several of our suppliers have ISO accreditation. Our suppliers also provide test certificates for chemical analysis when required.


Vita is a professionally managed company and several of our employees hold Bachelor of Engineering as well as other advanced degrees. We have dedicated computer platforms where design and modifications are done with the aid of industrial strength CAD software. Seven members of our board of directors are technically qualified two with Bachelor of Engineering degrees, two with Master of Science degrees, one with a Doctorate in Metallurgy, and one with a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering. The remaining members are qualified with financial degrees.

The company is accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 standards certification, has obtained the required "Type Approval" issued by the Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification of the Government of India, and currently exports products to North America and Europe.


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