Aircraft components

Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter
Advanced Light Helicopter

Tank-to-Tank Connector

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Vita Technology is proud to serve the Indian Defence Forces by the supply of the "Tank-to-Tank Connector" which is a 17-component assembly going into the fuel system of the Advanced Light Helicopter (Dhruv), manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. The helicopter will be used by the Indian Defence in both armed and unarmed configurations.

This custom assembly involved detailed design, analysis and manufacture of a prototype with precision machining before full-scale production was started. We are also proud of the fact that almost all machining is done in-house.

Magnetic Debris Detectors
Magnetic Debris Detecting Sensors

Magnetic Debris Detection

These safety detectors are used in the main rotor gearbox of helicopters and provide a mechanism to collect the magnetic debris from the teeth in the gears. The condition of the gears can be estimated by manual inspection of the detector prior to flight as well as via warning light to the pilot during flight. We design and manufacture these detectors of different types. All detectors have self sealing valves to prevent oil leakage both in 'closed' and 'open' condition. Detectors with and without electronic feedback, and models allowing electronic 'burning' of debris from a separate burning module are available. Custom designs with different magnetic & electric properties, and with specified connectors are possible.

These products were developed for use in helicopters manufactured by HAL.

Quick Disconnect Couplings
Quick Disconnect Couplings

Quick Disconnect Couplings

We manufacture these couplings in four different sizes. They are part of the hydraulic system and each unit consists of two halves. One half is on the aircraft and the other on the ground hydraulic power pack. We can design and manufacture customized solutions based upon different specifications.