BLDC Motor
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Brushless DC Motors

Vita Technology designs and manufactures high performance brushless DC motors. Most of our designs are custom made after customized design based on actual application specifications. We use the software Samarium for all of our BLDC motor designs. If you require either special motors or just the design, please contact us.


Since 2013, Vita has been designing and manufacturing Linear Variable Differential Transformers of different specifications and stroke lengths. All our LVDTs are designed to meet aerospace grade specifications and are designed for flight. These are customized designs for specific customers in India. If you require aerospace grade LVDTs, please contact us.

Solar Powered BLDC Water Pump

We have designed and delevoped a small 300 W BLDC motor with integrated drive electronics and with an integrated monobloc pump for moving water from one place to another. It is designed to run with a solar panel providing 300 W of power. This pump is suitable for domestic purposes such as pumping water to roof top tanks in building with up to four floors, And for agricultural irrigation purposes such as pumping water from canals to fields, and similar applications. These pumps are avaiable for sale as of now. More details are available in the User Guide.

300 W Solar Pump User Guide (~259 kb)


We manufacture several drives for brushless DC motors. These drives are designed by Vita and are populated and tested in-house. Please refer to the list below for more details including our best prices. Customized variants of any of our drives can be easily designed to suit your requirements.

No. Drive Availability ~ Price Voltage Power
1 Mini Drive 100E Yes INR 4500 for 1 - 10 units < 32 V DC < 40 W

All prices are ex our works in Bangalore. Shipping charges, appropriate taxes, are extra.


Mini Drive 100E Manual (~1.5 Mb)