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Vita Technology mainly supplies machinery components for the tyre manufacturing industry, but our areas of expertise cover a broader range. We have several services that enable us to help our customers achieve their targets.

If you are interested in any of the following services, contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

  • Supply products to OEMs who manufacture tyre production equipment.
  • Supply to tyre manufacturing units for reconditioning of equipment during overhauls, and replacement of valves and cylinders.
  • Supply of spare parts with provision for detailed manuals and technical assistance.
  • Redesign of valves and cylinders according to new specifications.
  • Redesign and modification services so that our products can replace existing assemblies in our customers' equipment that was not originally manufactured by Vita.
  • Custom designing, prototyping and testing of new products in accordance with customer specification.
  • Assistance in arriving at a suitable specification for given applications.
  • Application engineering assistance to acertain suitability of our products for other applications.
  • Permanent magnet brushless DC motor design / modeling services.
  • Permanent magnet magnetizing fixture design services.
  • Complete parametrized software modeling of special types of permanent magnet brushless DC motors to enable general use.
  • Assistance in the manufacture of motor prototypes (complete motors or just specific parts).
  • Assistance in the optimization of motors for very high efficiency.
  • Improvement of existing motor designs to suit new specifications.