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Layout & Structure

The pages are divided into three main sections: the location bar (at the top), the page footer (at the bottom) and the page body.

The location bar shows your current location within the site hierarchy. Starting from the right side, you can see a series of small icons representing the pages above the current one (from the starting page to the current page's parent). Clicking on one of these icons will take you directly to that page (for example, to go straight to the site's main page, click on the first icon). On the right side, a larger icon indicates the current page.

The footer shows direct links to a few important pages, as well as the site's default copyright message.

The page body shows the actual site contents, including text, images, and links (to other pages, to downloadable files, etc.). Typically, links will be presented both as underlined text and an icon, similar to the ones used in the location bar.

If you come across any broken links, typos, outdated information or any other problem with the website, please let us know (use the contact link at the bottom).

System Requirements

The site does not require JavaScript support, cookies, or any special plug-ins. It does require a browser with support for the XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.0 standards. The latest versions of Mozilla / Firefox and Opera are standards-compliant and will render the site correctly. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has incomplete support for CSS and a few rendering bugs that prevent it from displaying certain elements. When the site detects a visitor running MSIE, it will automatically apply some modifications to the page, to ensure that all the information in the site is accessible.

The pages are optimised for a browsing window of approximately 1024x768 pixels, but it will adapt to other sizes. Extremely small screens (ex., cellphones and PDAs) may have problems rendering some elements.

The site is "power-browsing" friendly; all links can be opened in separate windows (or tabs) as well as in the background, if your browser supports those features. There are no pop-ups, all pages can be bookmarked, and your browser's context menus are always available.

Site Map

If, for some reason, your browser does not display the navigation links or the location bar correctly, you should be able to access all pages in the site directly from the list below: